Featured Benefits

Maximize production system availability with ultra-fast backups, restores:

DXi9000 software and hardware architecture combine for purpose-built performance for the most demanding enterprise environments, so you can minimize the impact of backups on your production applications, and minimize restore time to get back up and running.

Maximize data reduction to minimize CAPEX and bandwidth

The DXi series uses variable-length deduplication to get the best data reduction of your backup data, and also enable efficient replication across the WAN to minimize replication bandwidth.

Enable Multi-Site DR Protection with WAN-efficient replication

DXi’s replication engine was specifically designed to work around WAN latencies, and because DXi only replicates deduplicated blocks of data, it can get the job done in less time and with less resources.

Gain Back Rackspace, and Reduce Power with the Industry’s most efficient design

DXi9000 uses 12 TB HDDs to maximize density and minimize power and cooling.  And the unique high-density chassis design means you gain back even more rack space, since DXi9000 can store over 1 PB of useable capacity in only 10U.  It’s the most efficient backup appliance design on the planet.

Supports all leading backup applications, across multiple protocols

Only the DXi supports simultaneous multi-protocol access across CIFS / NFS, OST, Veeam Data Mover, and VTL interfaces. As you transition between backup applications, or just backup multiple environments, the DXi can manage it all.  Even better, the DXi offers unique integration with leading applications like Veeam and Veritas NetBackup, so you can get better performance and value out of your backup application.

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