Density. Performance. Security.

The Scalar i6000 is the most feature-rich and technically advanced enterprise tape library available, allowing organizations to optimize the library configuration to meet their specific workflow demands. High drive and storage density without impacting robot performance, improved system availability and data integrity, as well as improved security of vaulted content enable the Scalar i6000 to be optimized for a wide range of use cases and environments.

Featured Benefits

High Density without Compromise

The only high-density design that does not compromise robotic performance or reliability, while providing up to 23.4 PB in a single, standard 19-inch rack footprint.

Reduce Administration Time

RESTful Web Services API enable users to script any library configuration, operational or reporting task that can be completed through the remote management web GUI. This comprehensive API allows customers to save time by automating any administrative task.

Minimize Downtime

Scalar i6000 has a comprehensive set of high-availability features to ensure the system remains operational and accessible. Redundant power supplies and path failover (for both robotic control and data path) provide the fault tolerance needed in an enterprise system. Additionally, intelligence built into the iLayer software provides a higher level of availability as advanced features like environmental and power monitoring, proactive diagnostics and media-drive cross-tab reporting, identify trends and notify users of potential issues before faults occur—enabling proactive control of the library system to ensure maximum uptime.

Ensure Data Integrity and Security

Intelligent features available in Scalar i6000 ensure that data stored for long-term retention remains both secure and preserved in a readable state. Extended Data Life Management (EDLM) runs policy-based integrity checks to ensure the data stored on tape remains readable. When coupled with intelligent data management applications, like Quantum StorNext®, content on suspect tapes can migrate automatically to a new tape, retaining data integrity levels set by the user-defined policies. Additional security features like AES 256-bit encryption, with set-and-forget library-controlled key management, and media removal notifications, ensure valuable content is protected from unauthorized access.

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