The DXi4800 serves as the core of data protection solutions for small- to medium-sized businesses and remote site protection for enterprise projects. The DXi4800 provides high performance and capacity-on-demand scalability and can serve as an end-to-end solution becoming a hyperconverged deduplication appliance that can run backup applications as a VM.

Featured Benefits

Performance to Improve Your Backup Window and Maximize Data Reduction

The DXi4800 Series delivers up to 34 TB/hr regardless of your capacity points. For faster restores, the DXi4800 detects random small I/O’s and can tune latency, enabling you to support features such as Veeam Instant VM Recovery directly from deduplicated backups! Plus, DXi’s patented variable-length deduplication optimizes data reduction, maximizing replication across the WAN. DXi replication includes snapshot-based, file-based and cartridge based deduplication, providing the industry’s best granularity to improve replication.

Deploy for Today, Scale for Tomorrow

DXi4800 can scale from 8 TB to over 171 TB with Quantum’s unique Capacity-on-Demand approach. Each expansion module comes fully populated and you can activate more TB with a simple license key. DXi4800 offers end-to-end encryption, in-flight and at rest, using self-encrypting drives (military-grade encryption with no performance impact, non-SED drives available upon request).

Disaster Recovery and Ransomware Protection Made Easy

WAN efficient replication makes it faster and less expensive to move data between sites for offsite backups. DXi also offers an easy way to protect backups data against ransomware and self-replicating viruses by providing a direct link to physical tape libraries (Path-to-Tape or PTT) that bypasses the backup server but is fully integrated into leading backup applications’ management interface and media catalogs, therefore your backups are offline on tape and can’t be encrypted by any ransomware.

Simplify Your Architecture by Using Fewer Backup or Proxy Servers

DXi4800 can be used as a hyperconverged deduplication appliance by running your backup application as a VM directly on the appliance. Dynamic Application Environment (DAE) provides a virtual machine environment in which you can install backup software. Once licensed, the DAE feature allows applications installed in the VM to run in a completely independent environment, no need for an external backup server or proxy server. 

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