Designed for small businesses or remote site protection, the DXi V-Series is a deduplication solution in a virtual appliance model that combines the power of variable-length deduplication with the simplicity and flexibility of a virtual machine.

Featured Benefits

Simple Deployment, Simple Management

Implement private, public or hybrid based cloud backup with a 100% software, 100% virtual solution. Utilizing virtualization technologies, the DXi V-series eliminates the need to deploy additional hardware components into the environment and enables protection of both virtual and physical data sets. DXi’s patented variable-length deduplication optimizes data reduction, maximizing replication across the WAN. DXi replication includes snapshot-based, file-based and cartridge-based deduplication, providing industry’s best granularity to improve replication.

A Virtual Appliance That Can Protect Physical Servers’ Data

DXi V-series (V2000 and V4000) can scale up to 24 TB usable and works with any backup software to store up to 480 TB of data on any physical and virtual servers, just like a physical deduplication appliance. With no pre-defined increments, you can scale on your own terms, TB per TB. Whether the data is physical or virtual, DXi V-Series is compatible, working with all third-party backup applications. DXi V-series provides presentation of NAS/OST and DXi AccentTM simultaneously.

Protect Your Small Remote Offices at No Cost

With DXi V1000, you can protect small remote environments for free. DXi V1000 is available with no time restraints and no product limitations as a full-featured DXi Technology virtual appliance.

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